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Back on track

I was limited to diet- only for a while. I was have dizzy spells that are still medically unexplained. So strenuous exercise was out. I would actually black out and have to sit down wherever I was.

But I’ve started adding a lot of super foods (esp greens, green powders, and blue algae) and I started biking as we live in a relatively flat area and can easily adjust my workout to how I’m feeling that day.

I love biking! Makes me feel like a kid again. And it feels like you’re accomplishing so much more than walking or jogging *giggle*


I ended up walking 2 miles in 32 minutes. I’m sure it’s a personal best, but it’s now a baseline for me to improve upon. I’m hoping to start a couch-to-5k as soon as I can find/ make a skirt to run in.

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